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Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is a casino players' behavior which may cause some disruptions in such areas of life as: psychological, social, physical or vocational. This term can also be characterized by gambling addiction.

Statistics says that more than 20 million people gamble at online casinos. The interesting fact that during 2007 Americans which were not allowed to gamble online spent more than $34 million for land based casino playing.

There is no doubt that both online and land gambling and casino is a very exciting activity. Most players go to casino for entertainment; some of them learn different game's variations and strategies for winning the money. It's a good thing to be aware of the fact that spending the time in the casino is first of all a kind of entertainment and not for investment. Unfortunately, for many gamblers casino turns into addiction which can cause them and their families' normal life.

Gambling Addiction

Of course, there are people who can control their gambling and when they lose more than they expected, they just stop and realize all possible consequences their actions can lead to. But when a person starts to spend more and more time in the casino, borrow money or sell possessions for financing their gambling it is an indicator for a person's family and friends that it is necessary to set strong limits and to help an addict. There are even cases when gambler addicts committed crimes and suicides.

Gambling Problems Overcoming

Nowadays there is a great deal of various resources, such as counseling, step-based programs, medications or support hotlines, which are completely confidential and working 24 hours. There is also Gamblers Anonymous program which includes 12 steps for treating person's gambling problems.

There are also different organizations which direct their activity to public awareness of problem gambling, encouraging researching and different programs for prevention of this problem.