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Best Casino Gambling Secrets

The book was published in 2005. The author is Bill Burton. This book has 16 chapters of 1000 tips which teach players secrets which casinos don't want players to know and cover most casino games and some other subjects related to casino.

Casino Gambling Secrets

Many experts say that Burton's book is a so-called synonym of honest gaming advice. The point is that the author refused to make any promises to all players that following his tips and strategies listed in the book they can beat the casino entirely. The most important thing in Burton's opinion is that if a player wants to play the casino game which requires skills, he/ she must do the "homework".

The book includes the tips of the most popular casino games which are well-known nowadays:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker

The author also describes some "niche" casino games like keno and three card poker.

And also it is worth to be mentioned that there are a lot of different historical facts about all the games in the book which are certainly helpful for players. Burton's historical awareness proves his genuine gambling passion.

Every player will certainly find something useful for him\ herself in this book because it describes not only historical facts and game's rules description; it also gives some unique tips of, for example, how a player should press a button while playing and other casino games' subtleties.

All readers understand that the author is the teacher for them; he really cares not only about players' winning chances but also about players' cash while playing at a casino. There are a lot of tips in this book based on the idea that most winners while playing are giving it all back; in other words, all players must understand that if one wins a bet, this money belong to the player, not to the casino.