Gambling inspire players to invent new strategies, moviemakers to create many thrilling films about fascinating gambling world, and writers to create new masterpieces and gambling directions.

Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling

Many people around the world go to casinos, some travel to other states and some outside of their country to win big money. The secret behind all this is there is no such thing like luck when it comes to Grambling. One needs sufficient information with strategies to benefit. In Basil Nestor's book, Beyond Las Vegas and Atlantic City whether it's the riverboat that you are playing or the dockside plus all the card games this book will provide you with information that you won't get anywhere else.


When you read this book you will find;

  • A deep and detailed explanation of the Blackjack, the Roulette, and poker games among others.
  • The merits and the chances that you have when you play some games.
  • A revelation of different casino scams that might squander your money.
  • A though explanation of how to increase your winning chances.

About the Author

With a rich experience in TV production and many documentaries under his name, Nestor employs the same approach in his series hits to provide the reader with detailed information that comes from his gambling knowledge acquired from many years of Gambling providing the reader with what chances he has, the usual errors made in gambling and how to increase his winning chances.

Chapters of the book

With a lot of thought Nestor categorizes the book into specific chapters that handle specific games. They include;

  • The Video and slots poker machine games.
  • The Blackjack, the Craps, the Baccarat and the Roulette table games.
  • The sports And Keno bet waiting games.

Other added features

The author has also created entertainment chapters that will particularly teach on how you can manage your money, methods of acquiring some comps or even credits and most of all find the casino experience joyous. So forget about luck in the casino get the real facts about how things are done by reading this book which compared to other gambling manuals is exceptional.