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Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games

Yes there are many books to read in the market, many concentrating on beating the house ideas and trying to give you the techniques and ways of how you can change your games odds. Michael Shacklefold gambling book going by the title Gambling 102 is an exception. The writer of the book brought across some very important points.

About The Author

Michael is a gambler whose success in gambling has earned him a name. With his own gambling website that specifically deals with gambling and the analysis of any new casino games, Michael is famously referred to as "Wizard of Odds" He is also a lecturer at university of Nevada where he lectures casino mathematics and a well-respected consultant for Various casino around the world.

Book itself

These points are not directed to a new person but for the players that are familiar with the games.

  • Calculate and win the game

    Mathematics is one of the key factors in this book. Its show you an insight of most of the games giving you an open mind to accept and place your bets rightfully.

  • Adds and Odds

    The book keeps you mindful of whether you can place your trust in your bet. It educates you on both the odd and adds of a wise bet using a very well explained statistical approach to the game.

  • Tips and clues of winning

    Within the chapters of the book there are various clues on how you can become more confident in being a winner. In a particular chapter, Shacklefold breaks down specific betting systems that can be placed. By also providing a chart that explains the strategy of Blackjack that provides substantial help in hitting, splitting, and the double down among others.

If you are interested in being a successful winner at a casino, you must take this book into consideration to help you understand the rules and hence develop a winning strategy.