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Online Casino Games

Online gambling industry gains more and more popularity every day. Online casinos provide lots of games for their players. If you have no experience in casino games and in online gaming in particular, our article will help you to familiarize with the most popular casino games.


The first thing you should about this game is that it can of two types: American and European. The difference between them consists in the amount of zero slots on their wheels. American has 38 pockets: 36 red and black pockets and two zero slots, "0" and "00", while European has 37 slots and no double zero slot. This fact creates a huge difference in the games' house edges: American - 5, 26%, European - 2, 7%. So, it would more profitable to play European Roulette. Because of this most land casinos prefer not to offer European Roulette for their players. But it is possible to play this game on the internet. Besides, every casino player knows that it is much profitable to play at online casinos, because of their bonuses.


This card game which is also known as twenty-one is considered the most playable casino game. The standard Blackjack is played with 52 cards deck. The main player's task is to draw a two card hand the total value of which must be close to 21. There a lot of different game's variations. Here are some of them:

  • Super Fun 21
  • Pontoon
  • Vegas Strip
  • Progressive
  • Atlantic City
  • Multi-Hand
  • European
  • Switch


This game is the most exciting casino game. The main reason of its popularity is that the rules are very simple. There is no even some definite winning strategy for this game because the only thing one should rely on is his/ her luck. But still, there are some Slots tips with the help of which one can improve the winning odds. This game can be of the following types:

  • Multiplayers
  • Multiple Payline Slots
  • Buy-a-pay Slots
  • Progressive
  • i-Slots